Sledgehammer (1983)

Sledgehammer (1983) DVD cover

director David A. Prior
viewed: 10/18/2016

It’s kind of amazing that a movie like Sledgehammer ever got made in the first place.  What’s maybe even more amazing is that it wasn’t a one-off independent little horror film, but the launching pad of a long thriving film career for director David A. Prior.

Shot-on-video, cheap in its day, heralded for fringe fun now, Sledgehammer is a slasher film featuring a cast of schlubs and schmoes whose lack of professional acting skill doesn’t belie a thing.  These are totally 80’s bros and the girls that endure them.  I suppose with the exception of the director’s brother Ted, who also continued a career in cinema as well as landing on the pages of Playgirl.  Overall they are the folks you’d imagine running into at a dreary 1983 keg party.

All that said, such an unlikely cast find imaginative deaths throughout.

God bless the amateurs.


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