Evil Spawn (1987)

Evil Spawn (1987) VHS cover

director Kenneth J. Hall, Ted Newsom, Fred Olen Ray
viewed: 10/24/2016

Two phrases that come to mind in watching Evil Spawn:  “They don’t make ’em like they used to” and “I know a friend or two who would LOVE this stuff.”

That said, I don’t know what I have to add to the discussion of Evil Spawn other than it’s more fun than it seemingly has a right to be.

It opens with message about “alien microbes” and an FX shot of a spaceship flying towards Earth?   Then, a somewhat inexplicable sequence in which a strange woman releases a creature in a lab that attacks and mutates a schlubby looking scientist.  Who then goes crazy and attacks some “teens” looking for a lost cat before getting killed.  Followed by another scene in which the strange woman from before has a conversation at a table with a very elderly John Carradine.

Followed by a whole new scene with a voice-over by a hard-boiled writer who turns out to be writing the biography of a faded starlet, Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee).  These seemingly unrelated segments result in the reappearance of the strange woman bringing Ms. Roman an injectable youth serum, presumably infected with these “alien microbes” which sort of freshen her up but also turn her into a rather strange bug-like mutant with a penchant for murder.

It seems the film was patched together from various versions by at least three directors including Fred Olen Ray (though it’s Kenneth J. Hall who is credited).  The footage, for instance, of Carradine was generically shot by Ray some time before (Carradine would be dead a year later with Evil Spawn as one of his final films).  In additional notes on the DVD, Ray suggests that there had been an entirely different monster at one time too.

All this retroactive knowledge helps make sense of this mildly warmed over (not really “hot”) mess.  But again, doesn’t really tell the tale of why it’s low budget hack filmmaking turned out such a rather entertaining piece of cult junk.  But it did.

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