The Slime People (1963)

The Slime People (1963) movie poster

director Robert Hutton
viewed: 10/26/2016

Before the zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion, Los Angeles was beset by slime.  Disturbed by testing of underground explosives, the slime people emerge from below the streets of the city of angels, armed with spears and a fog machine so powerful, it is able to create an impenetrable bubble over LA…in slime!

Star/director Robert Hutton flies into this mess (from where?) and runs into a scientist and his two daughters who through the magic of television, show him just what is going on.

The film’s fog is notorious, occasionally obscuring the entire scene, and its creatures loping gill-man variants that are actually kind of cool.  It’s also somewhat notable that you see the monsters before you even get the film title, unusual in almost any movie.

My favorite tidbit from Wikipedia on The Slime People:
“Producer Joseph F. Robinson recalled that the filmmakers originally intended to feature midgets as giant voles, who would serve as the advance guard of the invasion, but the sequence was so bad it was cut from the released film.”

A remarkable trash classic, worthy of consideration of one of the worst films of all time.

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