Teenage Zombies (1960)

Teenage Zombies (1960) movie poster

director Jerry Warren
viewed: 10/27/2016

It’s not actually all that unusual when a movie poster is better than the movie it’s meant to promote.  Albert Kallis crafted a lot of classic images for Roger Corman productions that could never hope to live up to their gorgeous promotional materials.

The poster of Teenage Zombies doesn’t begin to achieve the qualities of an Albert Kallis.  Far from it, it’s almost comically crap itself, with its buxom cutie in the clutch (one-handed clutch) of a seriously fanged gorilla.  And yet, this poster is still way, way more entertaining and funny than the movie that it was crafted to promote.

“Young Pawns Thrust Into Pulsating Cages of Horror in a Sadistic Experiment!”  Do you want to parse that phrasing?  “Thrust” into “Pulsating Cages”? Wait, what? of “Horror” in a “Sadistic Experiment”  There is a lot of titillation in those words, even more than down the “Young Pawn’s” open shirt front.

The movie?  It’s 70 some odd minutes of teens falling into the figurative clutches of an evil female scientist who has developed a mind-control device to turn humanity into “zombies”.  And she tested it on a gorilla, too.

Yes, it’s very bad.  In a somewhat pleasing if also tedious and boring way.

The poster is much better.

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