Exorcism (1975)

Exorcism (1974) blu-ray cover

director Jesús Franco
viewed: 11/03/2016

After watching Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), I decided to make a double feature of it, throwing on Exorcism (1975) from Jesús Franco.

Right off the bat, I’m recognizing stuff from a prior Franco film I’d seen, Demoniac.  But then I began wondering if I wasn’t seeing stuff from multiple Franco films or what exactly?

With Franco, who has nearly 300 movies attributed to him, with variations of some, like this one, made with a hardcore and softcore versions, I don’t know what.   I’m still trying to figure out what was different here, which version is which, what did I just see?

Fandor has Demoniac at 69 minutes and Exorcism at 98.  How do they differ?  I’m not sure.  It was over a year ago I watched Demoniac so I stand confused.

Franco stars with his wife Lina Romay.  Triggered from a staged black mass, a crazy defrocked priest (Franco) starts exorcising people by torture and death despite them not needing any such treatment.  There is a lot of nudity, but this is still a softcore enterprise.  I do think that the longer version is better.

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