Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1991)

Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1991) DVD cover

director Kazuo Komizu
viewed: 11/14/2016

Cutie Suzuki, a Japanese professional wrestler at the time, stars in Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay, a low-budget zombie flick from the earlier 1990’s.  Kazuo Komizu, whose Entrails of a Virgin (1986) and Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) were pinku weirdness, directs Suzuki here in a movie that offers a lot more narrative complexity than you might expect.

It starts with a meteor headed for Tokyo Bay which triggers the zombie apocalypse and a radical military response, a fog cloud containing the greater Tokyo area, and sets the stage for Suzuki to don one of the most ill-fitting action suits ever made to fight the big punkish butch henchladies (who I assume were also culled from Japanese pro wrestling).

On the plus side, this emanates from the earliest of the 1990’s and so features low-fi special effects and not one pixel tweaked.  There is also a battle squad of young people who sell arms to the highest bidder who take up with Battle Girl, especially once they realize how much ass she kicks.  And when she flips down her eyeglass shield.  I laughed almost every time.

On the not so plus side, it’s not quite as horrendously spectacular as you might wish.  It doesn’t push the envelope with sex nor violence, though it has a modicum of the latter.  It might be accused of being almost boring, even with a running time well below 90 minutes.

I could definitely see how this could float somebody’s boat.  Mine only somewhat.

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