Two for the Road (1967)

Two for the Road (1967) movie poster

director Stanley Donen
viewed: 11/26/2016

Neither entirely rosy nor slate black, Two for the Road is a romance film that ranges the breadths and heights from first meeting through ten years of life together.  The broken-up chronology shifts between the years of the lovers Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney, bouncing between happy times and miseries, all while on the road in France.

Intended to be a more “realistic” portrayal of romance, rather than the classic Hollywood movie love story, Stanley Donen made a film that is probably going to hit different people in different ways, possibly depending on their own place in relationship(s).

Coming in 1967, it’s not exactly radical or utterly experimental, but for a director who made Hollywood classics, it’s certainly an interesting effort.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but it’s easy to appreciate what Donen is going for.  The bitterness seemed slightly more potent than the sweet to me, not finding the happy romance necessarily happy even.  And the ending, not necessarily your total Hollywood happiness, but heading in a more positive direction…I don’t know.

This was recommended to me years ago by a now former girlfriend.  Apropos, perhaps?

Hepburn’s stylish do’s dictate where you are in time.  Her stylish glasses are something for the ages.

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