Attack of the Mayan Mummy (1964)

Attack of the Mayan Mummy (1964) title

directors Rafael Portillo, Jerry Warren
viewed: 11/29/2016

Do I like bad movies?  Yes, I like bad movies.

When you cop to liking bad movies, you watch a lot of bad movies knowing that they’ll be bad.  And when they turn out to be wonderful, amazing bad movies, your little world is justified and you are thrilled.  But then there are bad movies that don’t offer the charming redemptive comedy that you look for in a bad movie.

Sometimes a bad movie is just a bad movie.

Director Jerry Warren picked up Rafael Portillo’s 1957 Mexican flick The Aztec Mummy, selected bits and then shot around it.  What he shot around it is largely a couple of guys talking.  And talking.  And talking.  They even talk in voice-over narration over some of the original Mexican footage.  The story is so incredibly convoluted, I’m certainly your eyes will roll back into your head at several points.

It’s amazingly boring.

Sadly, the original Mexican flick looks like it could be good fun.  From the few Mexican horror films from the 1950’s-1960’s that I’ve seen, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more.  Attack of the Mayan Mummy only dangles those tidbits for you.  Tempting, but not delivering.

One of the rare bad movies that I actually recommend avoiding.

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