Repulsion (1965)

Repulsion (1965) movie poster

director Roman Polanski
viewed: 12/06/2016

When I first saw Repulsion, over 25 years ago, I didn’t know anything about it.  I knew Roman Polanski.  I knew Chatherine Deneuve.  My roommate rented it, might have given the briefest description.

The viewing has stayed with me all this time.  While I might have forgotten a few aspects and elements, even a few key plot set-ups, the bleak, brutal spiral of insanity remained vivid.

Twenty-five years later, it’s as vivid as ever.  Polanski’s portrayal of a young woman suffering a psychotic break in a London apartment is poetic, terrifying, and still rings relentlessly true.  An utter dark night of the soul.

I had forgotten the flashes of a possible would-be attacker, glimpses of repressed abuse or rampant fear of coming attacks.  I had forgotten the wall of arms and hands, the rotting rabbit, the sprouting potato.

I hadn’t forgotten the sense of space and claustrophobia, of madness cut free, whatever the cause, and the violence rendered out of sheer horror.

Polanski is/was a master.

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