Blood Shack (1971)

Blood Shack (1971) VHS cover

director Ray Dennis Steckler
viewed: 12/15/2016

What is there to say about Ray Dennis Steckler’s 1971 Blood Shack?

With a running time below an hour, it’s another cinematic missive from the lower levels of cult film shelves.  It doesn’t even bear the benefit of Steckler’s penchant for awesome movie titles.

If your expectations are set at the absolute lowest (which having prior watched any Ray Dennis Steckler film would have afforded you), you might find points of interest in these celluloid captures of a lone shack in the desert, a rodeo, kids, and some semblance of a story about a killer “the chooper”.

If your expectations ranged anywhere higher than that, you will find little of merit here.

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