Lights Out (2016)

Lights Out (2016) movie poster

director David F. Sandberg
viewed: 12/17/2016

When we saw the trailer for Lights Out in which a shadowy figure appears in the gloom, disappears in the light, my kids were both of the mind that this was a film too scary to see.  Adapted and expanded from a short film, David F. Sandberg takes an effective motif and turns it into supreme nonsense.

The shadowy figure (who sneaks up and kills in the dark but is repelled by the light) turns out to be an old friend of mom (Maria Bello) from her days in the psych ward.  This friend suffered from some ailment related to light that would sear and putrify her skin, and forced her to hide in the dark.  It turns out that the radical treatments of shooting her with intensive light surprisingly(?) backfired and reduced her to ashes…and the shadows.

And now she’s back to control Bello and kill anyone of her family members who try to wean her away.

My kids very quickly forgot that this seemed scary and we spent most of the film laughing at it merrily.

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