Giuseppe Makes a Movie (2014)

Giuseppe Makes a Movie (2014) movie poster

director  Adam Rifkin
viewed: 12/17/2016

Scumbalina’s Atomic Caravan has turned me on to a number of things, so when she wrote up Adam Rifkin’s documentary about Guiseppe AndrewsGiuseppe Makes a Movie, I added it to my “watch list”.  When it popped up on Fandor, I was pretty jazzed.  It’s just the sort of thing I look for from Fandor.

Rifkin follows Andrews around as he shoots his film Garbonzo Gas around Ventura and other parts of LA.  Andrews, for those like myself who was “out of the know”, was a child actor now turned cult filmmaker, in the mode of John Waters or Harmony Korine.  He shoots his films on video, paying people a few bucks to appear onscreen as he prompts them for action and dialogue.  Many of the people seem to be homeless or nearly homeless.  They are also apparently regular parts of his troupe.

It’s virtually impossible to speculate, having never seen Andrews’ movies.  So, I will limit it to this.

He shows a lot of humanity in his work with his cast, caring for them, even cleaning one older alcoholic who has soiled himself more than once.  Whatever level of exploitation might be here, seems perhaps mitigated by his caring and the shared willingness of his collaborators.

An interesting film.  I definitely need to see some of his movies and would recommend doing so before watching this doc (more for context and understanding than anything.)

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