Daughter of Horror (1955)

Daughter of Horror (1955) movie poster

director  John Parker
viewed: 12/21/2016

“To what degree this film is a work of art, we are not certain but, in any case, it is strong stuff.” – Cahiers du cinéma

I watched this on a crappy public domain version on Amazon Prime, the version with the narration, and I’m still pretty sure that I’ve found another favorite film of all time.

An independently produced horror-noir originally without any words as Dementia, re-done here with some narration (by Ed McMahon of all people), Daughter of Horror is cheap and lurid art house Expressionism, outrageously weird and remarkably well-made (for its obvious low budget).  It’s a nightmare of sexual violence starring an uncredited cast and featuring excellent cinematography.

The Surrealism is vivid, and even with the campy voice over, it’s brilliant.  I like the camp as well as the highbrow qualities.  I’m sort of beside myself, wishing I could lay hands on the apparently “out of print” Kino edition of the film that features restored copies of both versions.  I need to see this again.

One of the most amazing, strange, obscure wonders that I’ve discovered in years.

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