Pigs (1972)

Pigs (1972) movie poster

director Marc Lawrence
viewed: 12/21/2016

From what I’ve read, Pigs is a flick that has gone by several names.  While not so strange a phenomenon for a horror film finding distribution and marketing, it also seems that it went through some editing that may have turned out something lesser than it originally was.

Released originally as Daddy’s Deadly Darling, it seems that the film was a passion piece of sorts for writer-director-producer-star Marc Lawrence, a career character actor turned auteur.  Primarily, it serves as a vehicle for his daughter Toni Lawrence.  Ms. Lawrence plays an escapee from a psych ward, an abused daughter who killed her father and lost her mind.  She shows up randomly on the doorstep of the elder Lawrence, “Zambrini”, who has a diner and pigs in whom he’s cultivated a taste for human flesh.

Even in its messy and shabby state, released under the Troma brand and playing on Amazon Prime, it’s clear that there is something here.  It’s hard to say if it’s a diamond in the rough or perhaps some lesser precious stone, but it’s certainly in the rough.

Other folks whose opinions I appreciate admire the film.  I’m willing to hold out a chance of seeing a better, cleaner version of it at some time.

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