A Monster with a Thousand Heads (2015)

A Monster with a Thousand Heads (2015) movie poster

director Rodrigo Plá
viewed: 12/27/2016

The premise of A Monster with a Thousand Heads is sort of promising.  It’s a thriller in which a wife and mother (Jana Raluy) is driven to extremes to get healthcare for her gravely ill husband. Like a lot of people (in a lot of places), the challenge is the insurance, not wanting to pay for certain treatments, not really caring about the patient or customer.  And frustrations are huge.

Raluy takes a handgun to negotiate. First with her insurance rep and then with the CEO, his attorney, and a board member.

To its credit, it’s a tight little film at 75 minutes.  But to its discredit, the escalation seems too quick.  Access to the executives too easy.  And the ultimate deus ex machina too facile.

Director Rodrigo Plá shoots the film interestingly, often through windows or through odd vantages which made me wonder about the intent of the choices.  Interesting camerawork and good performances can’t ultimately elevate it above its shortcomings.

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