New Rose Hotel (1998)

New Rose Hotel (1998) movie poster

director Abel Ferrara
viewed: 01/04/2017

Cinema has not been kind to the works of William Gibson. To be fair, I only know of Johnny Mnemonic (1995) by reputation, not first-hand experience. But I can now claim to have seen New Rose Hotel.

It seems that the film has some fans. Fair enough.

When you’ve got Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe, you’re not hurting for interesting stars. Throw in a young and comely Asia Argento and some notable and hip folks to fill out the picture, you should at least make something interesting. Even on a super-meager budget.

I’m guessing at the budget. It “looks” super-meager. Even in a cheaply shot film, some of the scenes are nice, like in the colored hues of a bar. But a lot of the rest of is not so hot.

The story is listless, uncharged. And at times it seems like Walken is just making up all his dialogue on the spot. He’s almost always fun at the very least, but this film verges heavily on terrible. Dafoe is less hammy. Argento less challenged.

Is this Abel Ferrara’s worst?

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