The Embalmer (1965)

The Embalmer (1965) movie poster

director Dino Tavella
viewed: 01/03/2016

Marketed in the States as a horror film, The Embalmer is better seen through the lens of what it is: a mash-up of sorts of crime and giallo, set in the canals of Venice.

Though it features a scuba-diving killer abducting women and then embalming them in a collection, a killer who is a rock-n-roller by day, who dons a robe and skull mask for his embalming, the setting may actually be the film’s greatest asset. Venice is an almost inherently intriguing and mysterious place, especially by night. I have to wonder what kind of gunk that scuba diver was encountering on his missions.

It’s an oddity, not entirely lacking merit.

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