Thirst (1979)

Thirst (1979) movie poster

director Rod Hardy
viewed: 01/09/2017

The first part of Thirst involves the abduction of a young woman named Kate (Chantal Contouri) by a vampire cult. Though she’s been raised as a normal person, she has aristocratic roots in vampire world, and so they try to convert her. What’s weird about it is that the cult operates a commune/farm where human “cows” are kept for their blood, zoned out people.

Kate’s not down with this biz, not by a long shot. Tries to escape. Gets brought back.

Which leads to the film’s second part, a drug-induced extended nightmare, part lolling dream, mostly surreal weirdness with interesting visual effects. In many ways, this is the film’s most interesting segment.

At some point, you kind of wonder if this is at all supernatural. Are these folks just drinking blood and liking it? Or do they actually develop powers like extended lives? Their fangs are just pop-ins. But then their eyes do glow right before they lunge in for the bite.

Not by any means your typical vampire film. In fact, given the food supply angle, farming humans, it may fit more evenly with other science fiction movies about weird societies.

Still, very interesting.

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