The Green Slime (1968)

The Green Slime (1968) movie poster

director Kinji Fukasaku
viewed: 01/14/2017

“The Green Sublime.”

Though it opens and closes with its groovy, very late 1960’s theme song, Kinji Fukasaku’s The Green Slime feels more like a relic from earlier in the decade. It bears the clean production design of 1960’s Japanese science fiction, but features an almost entirely America cast, American producers, and American writers.

And some very silly but lovable gooey one-eyed tentacle monsters that quickly evolve from “green slime”. While some of the effects are hilarious, others are pretty successful, like all the ways that the slime can ooze and multiply.

And it’s pretty action-packed. A space station becomes infected with green slime when a team lands on an asteroid they have to destroy to avoid collision with the Earth. Slime begets one-eyed tentacle monsters, who devour all forms of energy, and the heroes have to try to contain them all to keep them from frying everybody and reaching home planet.

This is another sort of alternative Star Trek world of space exploration sci-fi. It was apparently preceded by a series of Italian films produced by Antonio Margheriti for MGM. Would make an interesting mini-marathon, though The Green Slime with its Japaneseness, would doubtlessly be an outlier. A very fun outlier, if you ask me.

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