Sisters (1973)

Sisters (1973) movie poster

director Brian De Palma
viewed: 01/15/2017

I’d long been meaning to re-watch Brian De Palma’s first foray into the psychological thriller genre, Sisters. Having recently watched the documentary De Palma (2015) as well as David Cronenberg’s take on twins, Dead Ringers (1988), I decided to queue it up.

I didn’t recall a lot from having seen Sisters some quarter century ago (how terrifying to use that phrase legitimately). But I did recall enjoying it.

Was Margot Kidder ever so winsome? Her silly French-Canadian accent is part of the charm of film, at times amazingly visual, at times happily silly (I’m thinking of you, Charles Durning and Bill Finley).

I also have to wonder: did Hitchcock ever see this? What about Polanski? If so, what did they think?

I’ve never seen De Palma’s earliest movies, the comedies that preceded Sisters, but it does seem that this is a transitional film for him. It’s quite funny that he followed this up with Phantom of the Paradise the very next year. Maybe that all makes more sense if you have seen all his early work (or not, who knows?)

The final shot of Durning surveilling the dumped couch is cutely open-ended, apropos very much.

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