Mystery on Monster Island (1981)

Mystery on Monster Island (1981) movie poster

director  Juan Piquer Simón
viewed: 01/16/2017

This is more of a kiddie matinee adventure film than any kind of real “monster movie”. Not to say that it doesn’t feature some pretty wonderfully awful monsters at times. Too few and far between for sure, but wacky. Mystery on Monster Island is an adaptation of a Jules Verne novel, Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery, though apparently the monsters were added in. And probably a ton of the grimace-inducing comedy bits.

It’s true that Peter Cushing and Terence Stamp appear here, but only in the beginning and end. It’s mostly in the hands of Ian Sera and David Hattan, playing a young adventurer and his persnickety teacher. And a small chimp.

There are some strikingly stereotyped racial characters that could easily get your gall. But the film features a twist ending that calls everything into question. But this is cheap and silly junk, so bad and laughable, why question?

That said, you may need to have an appreciation for bad movies to get much out of this.

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