The Body Beneath (1970)

The Body Beneath (1970) movie poster

director Andy Milligan
viewed: 01/23/2017

I’ve had a number of Andy Milligan films in my queue, on my watchlist, in planning to see, but The Body Beneath was the first one I ever watched.

And I really don’t know what to say.

Reading about Milligan’s life is interesting.

The Body Beneath comes from his brief stay in Britain. So it’s about an English vampire clan seeking…”new blood”. It’s clearly made on the cheap, but it has a totally different vibe from say Ted V. Mikels, H.G. Lewis, really any low budget schlockmeister that I can think of. Maybe the closest I can come is to say it’s like a Kuchar brothers movie with all the intentional camp sucked out of it. And Kuchar movies are almost 100% camp.

I don’t know. Still pondering.

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