Condemned to Live (1935)

Condemned to Live (1935) movie poster

director Frank R. Strayer
viewed: 01/25/2017

“What good can there be in a hunchback?” – Mob member

Actually there are a few good lines in this “vampire” picture. Condemned to Live is a cheap 1930’s thriller-maybe-horror film from the Invincible Pictures studio. While it’s not exactly Poverty Row, it’s also not exactly the big time either.

Vampirism as seen in Condemned to Live is a disease, transferred by vampire bat to pregnant woman to fetus, eventually showing itself in middle age when that fetus has grown up into a noble member of the gentry. The transformation is werewolf-like (not a constant state of being), but only requires a scowling countenance, lost memory, and biting people to death.

There is not a lot here, though it’s also hardly worthless.

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