Burial Ground (1981)

Burial Ground (1981) movie poster

director Andrea Bianchi
viewed: 02/01/2017

For me, Burial Ground begins significantly with the poster/VHS video art. This is one of the best, most-compelling pieces of box art out there. It caught my eye time and again. So much so, I am really uncertain whether or not I’d ever actually seen the movie.

The movie itself operates in conventional ways, zombies awakened by accident, gratuitous nudity, prime gore effects, interesting zombie make-up/masks, but also operates with freedom from logic or rationality (zombies pop up out of everywhere: planters, random ground, not just “burial grounds”, that bear trap in the garden, the sudden onset of Oedipan lust.) The zombies that use utensils also seems sort of like, “what the hell!” and you know, it sort of works.

When the notorious man-child character played by Peter Bark suddenly lusts for his mother, it’s hard not to laugh in shock, or necessarily argue. Bark is such a strange-looking guy, possibly beset by some growth disease? But when he bites off that nipple, I had a flashback. Maybe I had seen all this before.

I can see why so many love this film. It still feels vaguely like a dream to me.

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