Beware! The Blob (1972)

Beware! The Blob (1972) movie poster

director Larry Hagman
viewed: 02/12/2017

Though I don’t think that Beware! The Blob will likely ever get the Criterion treatment as did the original 1950’s Steve McQueen-starring film did, it’s actually a lot more fun than some of its reputation might imply. The fact that it was the only movie that TV star Larry Hagman ever directed (he directed a lot of television) is curious, why a sequel to The Blob? He seems to have had a good time making it. He shows up as a drunk, boozing it up with Burgess Meredith at one point.

It’s comical, but not exactly a comedy. And featuring a number of notable television faces like Dick Van Patton and a young Cindy Williams, there’s actually some pretty funny parts to it. My favorite has to be Shelley Berman as the “hair sculptor”.

The monster effects are not as consistent as the original Blob, but they are often still surprisingly good and fun much of the time. The Blob’s first victim is a fly, which I thought looked pretty slick (no pun intended). And they killed a kitten! Not just a cat but a kitten! That never happens in horror movies!

Hippies are the butts of a number of jokes. Fair enough.

Really, I don’t know how I never saw this before.

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