Out of Print (2014)

Out of Print (2014) movie poster

director Julia Marchese
viewed: 02/19/2017

Not much to say here. It’s nice to have a document about a local business, one that has developed such a world-wide fame as the New Beverly Theater in Los Angeles. Repertory movie theaters were few and far between even in their heyday and quite a rare thing in the contemporary world. The New Beverley sounds like it’s been pretty prime for a long time and it’s nice that this film focuses not only on the celebs who drop by but the workers and the customers who’ve long made it their home.

Out of Print stretches a little further though and focuses on the commitment to showing films on 35mm, one of the New Beverley’s main things. How continued projection of film is of value to cinema, the very medium itself.

It’s nice and there are some charming talking heads, but really the whole thing is padded heavily and gets kind of repetitive. Still, having seen some of San Francisco’s rep theaters go the way of dinosaurs, I can appreciate having captured what is captured here. And I will have to get down there sometime myself.

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