The Deathless Devil (1972)

The Deathless Devil (1972) movie poster

director Yılmaz Atadeniz
viewed: 02/22/2017

Legends tell of Turkish trash cinema of the 1970’s. Legends and many a movie blog and other posts on ye olde internet. Yet, to this day, I’ve managed to see very few of them.

So I can’t say how much of an exemplarof Turkish trash cinema The Deathless Devil proves to be, but it’s super-fun garbage nonsense. It’s a pre-mash-up mash-up of genre stuff, notably grooving to the vibe of an old Hollywood serial starring a masked hero with no overt superpowers. Even the villain has something Ming the Merciless about his facial hair. And a cardboard robot straight out of a 1930’s sci-fi schlocker.

The fighting is not quite balletic but it’s a bit more fun than your average fight scene battles. And there is a lot of fighting.

I’ll be perfectly honest and cop to the fact that I watched this is semi-fast forward, which given the silliness, kind of worked to fly through the material and not dawdle over the details. Not sure if I missed out on this front, but it worked for me.

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