The Woman Eater (1958)

The Woman Eater (1958) movie poster

director Charles Saunders
viewed: 02/20/2017

For movies like 1958’s The Woman Eater, at least we’ll always have the posters.

The UK gets into the low-budget monster horror of the late 1950’s and the production is still a notch up from your average Roger Corman picture of the time. I guess the real case-in-point would be his later The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) because this too is about a killer plant.

A mad scientist (George Coulouris) treks to the Amazon and somehow manages to bring back this tree/plant/god that eats women and spits out a life-extending juice. Back in England he must turn serial abductor to bring fresh young ladies for his crazy experiments. Others have pointed out his live victims-to-healed-dead-resuscitants would make this science rather moot.

While it might be a bit above Corman in production values, it lacks his wit.

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