Addicted to Fresno (2015)

Addicted to Fresno (2015) movie poster

director Jamie Babbit
viewed: 02/24/2017

There is not enough Fresno in Addicted to Fresno. I can’t believe that I’ve made the statement about there being not enough Fresno in anything. But you know, when you put a place in the name of your movie, you really should have a modicum of commitment to it.

Apparently, this movie idea was dreampt up by screenwriter Karey Dornetto and director Jamie Babbit as set in Cleveland (there was a short film that they made called “Fucking Cleveland”) but the film was moved to Fresno, CA for budgetary reasons and as to quote ye olde Wikipedia “a location they chose because it seemed like it was a city people wanted to get away from.”

And that is just it. Part of the reason I wanted to see Addicted to Fresno is because of Fresno (my sister lives there and my family resides around that part of the state). Instead it’s pretty super generic even though it was apparently filmed there.

What’s left is a somewhat raunchy comedy about a recovering sex addict (Judy Greer) who is staying with her sister (Natasha Lyonne) and working at a nondescript motel as cleaning ladies. Aubrey Plaza shows up as a Lyonne’s love interest.

The film is populated by a number of recognizable and good comic character actors and more than anything, it’s the cast that really elevates the film to reasonable levels of entertainment.

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