Tarkan Versus the Vikings (1971)

Tarkan Versus the Vikings (1971) movie poster

director Mehmet Arslan
viewed: 02/22/2017

I’m not sure what the A-side or B-side was but I watched Tarkan Versus the Vikings after speeding through The Deathless Devil (1972), twice the Turkish junk fun from that decade of decades, the 1970’s.

For my money, Tarkan was more fun. You start with the stabbing of babies by those ruthless Vikings. You kill Tarkan’s dog, Kurt. You’ve got gobs and gobs of quite entertaining fight staging. A giant rubber octopus. And lots of ladies wanting to get butt nekkid with Tarkan like he’s a tartar James Bond.

To be honest, I speeded through a lot of this movie too. But I stand by it. It kind of works, upping the action and zipping through the lower moments. I doubt I missed anything significant.

Apparently, Kartal Tibet made a number of Tarkan movies, so I won’t try to speculate too much on how representative this one is. There is some interesting nationalism at play as well as some kind of interesting racial depictions, particularly of the Chinese vamp Lotus (Seher Seniz). But I suppose to ruminate on this I should have at least watched it at normal speed.


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