Blood Is the Color of Night (1964)

Blood Is the Color of Night (1964) movie poster

director Gerardo de Leon
viewed: 02/25/2017

Blood Is the Color of Night and that color is transcendent. Be it blue, or red, or green.

Gerardo de Leon’s Blood Is the Color of Night a.k.a. The Blood Drinkers is another ridiculously entertaining horror flick from the 1960’s. It’s a vampire movie made originally for the Philippines market, re-dubbed for amusement and enlightenment elsewhere. And certainly that regionalism is part of its charm, not playing to the world but to a local audience.

More than anything, though, is that mother of invention, necessity, which led de Leon to the film’s most notable quality. With an apparent limit of full color film, much of the movie is filmed in tinted black and white in hues of red and blue and green. This technique was not uncommon in the Silent Era, but is intensely surprising and evocative here, heightening aesthetic values far above where they would have been in mere “color”.

I totally dug it.

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