Frightmare (1974)

Frightmare (1974) movie poster

director Pete Walker
viewed: 02/26/2017

I hadn’t seen any Pete Walker movies but I had a bunch in my queue at Fandor. So I finally got around to watching Frightmare, and I quite liked it. Only to find that most of his films have disappeared from Fandor. Actually, I’ve noticed that a lot of films have quietly been disappearing from Fandor. I am beginning to wonder if Fandor is going extinct.

Surprising and weird and fairly gory, Frightmare is a pretty interesting odd bird of a film. The oddest of birds is Sheila Keith as Dorothy Yates, serial killer extraordinaire alongside loving and helpful Edmund (Rupert Davies). Daughter Debbie (Kim Butcher) is apparently a bird of a feather, an apple fallen not far from the mother’s crazy tree despite apparently having no knowledge of the existence of the mad couple (who were just released from prison/psych ward).

I’ll definitely have to get around to other Pete Walker films. I hope that Fandor can rise again.

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