The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

The Tomb of Ligeia (1964) movie poster

director Roger Corman
viewed: 03/10/2017


The Tomb of Ligeia is Roger Corman possibly sparing less expense than normal. The result is a very aesthetically pleasing film, nicely shot by cinematographer Arthur Grant, and using the English locations of Castle Acre Priory as well as Stonehenge and others to maximum advantage. Even the studio-based scenes are good-looking.

Vincent Price plays Verden Fell, a man hung up on his dead wife Ligeia so much that he really believes she could still be alive. When he falls for Rowena (a lovely and game Elizabeth Shepherd) who is also Ligeia as well, obsession, hypnotism, madness, and necrophilia are teased out.

For all that going for it, it’s not as compelling as some other Poe-Corman-Price pictures.

I was also struck by how many times that poor cat was obviously tossed at someone.

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