The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) movie poster

director Eddie Romero
viewed: 03/31/2017

The Mad doctor of Blood Island is one pretty hep cat. He keeps his stylish shades on all day and all night, inside and out, and limps with a cane. But it turns out that he’s not really a mad doctor at all, just one who turned to chlorophyll as a healing medicine and turned an old dude into a plant man monster.

The version of the film on Fandor starts with a warning about the content of the film and shows a lot of young people drinking green blood!

Filipino horror movies are so, so good.

That said, this one is a little trashier, featuring fast zoom-in, zoom-out effects when the monster attacks that get old instantaneously. But it’s also got a fair amount of gore and nudity, as well as a wonky creature slopped together by some wonderful rank amateur FX person.

In blood-curdling color, indeed!

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