Raw (2016)

Raw (2016) movie poster

director Julia Ducournau
viewed: 04/02/2017 at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – New Mission, SF, CA

Be a little wary of dating a French or Belgian veterinary student who eschews meat. At least that is what Julia Ducournau’s debut film Raw has taught me. If this is what “coming of age” looks like, it’s better to hide under the bedsheets.

Seriously, though, Raw is a riveting film, showing great promise from Ducournau. It’s body horror, cannibalism, sexual awakening.

Garance Marillier is a fresh-faced waif of a girl, transformed by her first year at college. It turns out it’s only partly the hazing rituals, in that they unlock a part of Marillier that she did not know was there.

I’d sure I’m one of a very few dad’s who took his teenagers to see this one. It’s not as gruesome as some have suggested, but it’s powerfully conceived and executed. I look forward to Ducournau’s further work.

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