In My Skin (2002)

In My Skin (2002) movie poster

director  Marina de Van
viewed: 04/09/2017

I had queued up Marina de Van’s In My Skin back when I started revisiting the “New French Extremism” of the early Aughts. It’s through randomization that it came to me recently.

Marina de Van stars as Esther, an up and coming something or other in an office, who randomly injures her leg and quickly becomes obsessed with her wound and wounding herself more and more. It seems apt that it’s Marina de Van herself doing all this self-mortification, because from that perspective, it’s a pretty gnarly thing. The FX are convincing and gruesome and her body is her canvass.

But there is also something missing here, and I want to say it’s the psychology of the character. The descent into madness is made as easily as stepping in dog poo on the street. It doesn’t feel coherent exactly.

But carve away as she does, the viscera is visceral, and even without the psychological logic or connection, her knifework is keen. While it doesn’t fully achieve its goals, it has some things for which to recommend it as well.

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