Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Trilogy of Terror (1975) movie still

director Dan Curtis
viewed: 04/25/2017

There is a major dividing line for viewers of the 1975 made-for-TV movie Trilogy of Terror, and that dividing line is between those who saw it back in the day (original airing or another time in the tender years of childhood) and anyone coming upon it elsewise.

Because if you saw this as a kid, you never forgot the Zuni fetish doll come to life and madly trying to kill Karen Black with all its meager, mighty warrior terror. Or that hilarious ending where Karen Black smiles Zuni doll teeth. A lot of folks rate this as one of the biggest freakout terror movies made for television in the 1970’s heyday of such stuff.

Even now it’s somewhere between terrifying and hysterical. It’s almost as if the first two segments of the film cease to exist at all.

But it’s Karen Black in her prime in each of these stories, all from the pen of Richard Matheson originally, but tellingly, the one screenplay he actually wrote was the finale.

I don’t know that I was as scarred by this film as others were. My mom always had a thing against Karen Black (I don’t know why) which probably vaguely shaded my childhood viewing of the film.

The Zuni doll bit is silly brilliance eternal.

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