Blood of Ghastly Horror (1972)

Blood of Ghastly Horror (1972) movie poster

director Al Adamson
viewed: 05/01/2017

Director Al Adamson’s Blood of Ghastly Horror (great title that has no real relationship to the film) features a zombified killer, a bank robbery, a guy brain-damaged in Vietnam turned psycho-killer after botched brain surgery, and revenge for that by the Vietnam vet’s dad. And John Carradine as semi-mad scientist.

It’s pretty difficult to figure out what’s going on, when it flashes backward and forward and suddenly 1972 looks a lot more like the mid-1960’s. But when you learn that Adamson frankensteined this movie out of his own Psycho A-Go-Go (1965) and The Fiend with the Electronic Brain (1966) plus some new materials(?), you’ll forgive yourself for your confusion and really wonder that Adamson thought he could pull this off.

Actually, it’s the Psycho A-Go-Go pieces that kind of resonate, with psycho-veteran Joe Corey (Roy Morton) as a loathsome lug with a penchant for violence. It’s all roughie crime flick, sleazy and unsettling.

And then the ending, which is gloriously terrible nonsense. I don’t know. Maybe I need brain surgery myself cuz I kind of liked it.

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