Gorilla at Large (1954)

Gorilla at Large (1954) movie poster

director Harmon Jones
viewed: 05/06/2017

Fully B-movie in concept, Gorilla at Large is strangely star-studded and gorgeously filmed (originally) in 3-D Technicolor.

You’ve got Lee J. Cobb, Anne Bancroft, Cameron Mitchell, Raymond Burr, and Lee Marvin all crammed into this picture. And a guy in a gorilla suit. And a guy in a gorilla suit who is also actually supposed to be a gorilla.

Also interestingly, it’s shot at Nu Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, California, another long lost boardwalk on California’s coast. It’s hard not to look at the scenery and not wish yourself back in time for that.

But it is a B-picture and the whole script and concept never arises out of the junk drawer. Still, with all these other elements, it’s an interesting document if not a particularly great movie.

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