The Astounding She-Monster (1957)

The Astounding She Monster (1957) movie poster

director  Ronald V. Ashcroft
viewed: 05/16/2017

To be fair, The Astounding She Monster has an astounding movie poster. This one is another by artist Albert Kallis, who drafted many great 1950’s horror and science fiction images for Roger Corman’s AIP and others. I love his work so much.

The movie The Astounding She Monster is another thing altogether. The “She Monster” of the title is just a blonde in a body suit with some funny eye make-up. She kills by touch and falls into a rural kidnapping plot that isn’t probably worth describing. True or not, that Ed Wood, Jr. worked on this picture as a consultant, isn’t really all that surprising.

I have a serious soft spot for 1950’s horror and science fiction and even I will tell you that this is not as much fun as many others. But at 62 minutes, you won’t have to sacrifice much of your life to check this one off your list.

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