Bacchanales sexuelles (1974)

Bacchanales sexuelles (1974) movie poster

director Jean Rollin
viewed: 05/17/2017

I don’t know if Jean Rollin’s Bacchanales sexuelles was ever a hardcore porn film or what this version was softcore but in spades. I’ve read that Rollin did make some hardcore porn films as well. I don’t know if those were as unusual and fit as well into his auteur motifs as this.

Because Bacchanales sexuelles is a comedy (of sorts) and a series of sex scenes connected together by a running narrative about a sex cult who kidnaps and blackmails. And it’s not that there is so much to this sex cult but it rings of other weird cults that Rollin has depicted in films like The Nude Vampire (1970) and others.

The level of tedium isn’t as profound as in Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973), another movie that was to my understanding also a bit of a porn film stripped back to a “regular” movie.

I would say that this would only be for Rollin completist or someone who yearns for the days of Skinamax.

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