The Ice Pirates (1984)

The Ice Pirates (1984) movie poster

director  Stewart Raffill
viewed: 05/19/2017

It’s hard to know how intentionally stupid/comic this space comedy is supposed to be. Such as the entire premise, worked into the title, that somewhere in the universe, interplanetary ice is a scarce commodity. Honestly, I didn’t do all that well in Chemistry, but this seems kind of ridiculous. But then so is so much else of it, too.

The Ice Pirates is cheap and hammy and seems perfectly at home with itself about the exact amount of “quality” stuck in here. It’s not quite a parody as Mel Brooks’ later Spaceballs (1987) would be, but at times seems like its cousin of sorts.

And yet, it’s kind of entertaining as well, never stopping to ponder its shortcomings or strive too hard.


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