Die Screaming, Marianne (1971)

Die Screaming, Marianne (1971) DVD cover

director Pete Walker
viewed: 05/24/2017

Oh, Wikipedia, your anonymous authors do sometimes get catty:

Die Screaming, Marianne (also Die, Beautiful Marianne) is a 1971 British low-budget film by minor cult director Pete Walker. Although Walker’s films were mostly in the horror or sexploitation genres, this is a straight thriller, with mild horror undertones.

I’m still working through Pete Walker’s movies to see just how “minor” a cult director he is or deserves to be. To be fair, Die Screaming, Marianne, despite its title is most assuredly NOT a horror film at all. It is a “straight thriller” and “low-budget” at that.

Any real disappointment would be going into this film and expecting something different.

Susan George stars as the go-go dancing Marianne, who is on the run from things that eventually turn out to be a corrupt family living in Portugal who would like to kill her and get her inheritance currently ensconced in a Swiss bank somewhere.

While it’s a far cry from Hitchcock or any other major thriller, its earnest and gritty tale isn’t utterly lacking in interest. I was more than once brought to mind of Sexy Beast (2000), though maybe it’s a stretch to imagine that this film influenced anybody.

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