Carnage (1984)

Carnage (1984) movie poster

director Andy Milligan
viewed: 05/29/2017

I’ve become an Andy Milligan aficionado of late. But I am still exploring. I have yet to really construct my understanding of the man and his movies.

Carnage is Milligan making a horror film in the 1980’s, but yet also making something sort of out of time.  For all his acquired skills and knowledge of film-making, he also exhibits a completely, amazingly amateurish qualities as well. And there is something vaguely surreal about the bizarre production.

Carnage is a ghost story, of sorts. Actually, it’s kind of like Beetlejuice (1986) in a way. A ghost couple is trying to scare (or kill) the new humans that have moved into their house. And initially, they do it with some really silly moving of objects. But wherein Beetlejuice Alex and Geena took a liking to little Winona, these ghosts eventually up their game and start dismembering everybody.

It’s quite hilarious in a variety of ways.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I just want to see more and more Andy Milligan movies.

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