Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017) movie poster

director Patty Jenkins
viewed: 06/03/2017 at CineArts @ the Empire Theater, SF, CA

I’m sorry to say it, but Wonder Woman sucks. It’s a very bad movie. Especially at the beginning and then again at the end. Somewhere around the middle, in part due to Chris Pine who gets to be a little humorous, and in part to the WWI battlefield sequence, it picks up. But in the end, it’s awful.

I went in wanting to like it. I think it’s great that it’s the first female-directed film to earn such big money at the box office. I’m all for more female directors. But more for our Agnès Varda, Claire Denis, Ana Lily Amarpour, and Julia Ducournau, women who make great films and should absolutely be seen and lead the way for more.

Wonder Woman is not it. The fact that it’s made bank means that Patty Jenkins will get another shot at it and hopefully will open doors for others. For DC, it’s their first big non-Christopher Nolan hit and will no doubt bolster their franchise leading up to next year’s Justice League.

But it makes no advancement for anything else.

Gal Godot is beautiful but she doesn’t have a lot to do when not pausing in slo-mo to hit a style shot. Diana can read every known ancient language but come to the modern world and she’s a gorgeous fish out of water and naive to boot. Pine merely has the better role and lines and gets to be more charming. Quite a shame and ironic.

And the film’s visual style seems like a brightened up Zack Snyder, who was a producer and contributed to the story as well.

Ah well.

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