Castle of Blood (1964)

Castle of Blood (1964) movie poster

directors  Antonio Margheriti, Sergio Corbucci
viewed: 06/12/2017

After watching The She Beast, I found myself falling headlong into a mini-Barbara Steele marathon. That face. Those eyes.

I really liked Castle of Blood. The version I watched on Fandor switched at brief times from English to French, which added a hint of surreal to this tale of a castle haunted by the ghosts of those murdered there, reenacting their demises and seeking fresh blood to carry on.

Black and white Italian 1960’s horror never looked so good outside of Mario Bava.

Castle of Blood tips its hat to Edgar Allan Poe, but pipes in its own gothic airs of eerie merriment. It is infused with that nightmarish sensibility, in which glimpses of things appear and disappear, happen out of nowhere. Really quite good.

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