From Hell It Came (1957)

From Hell It Came (1957) movie poster

director Dan Milner
viewed: 06/18/2017

If they made Moana in 1957, it might have come out as From Hell It Came. It’s a time when depicting stories from the South Seas had nothing to do with broadening inclusiveness. Rather these islands were exotica and the primitive all rolled into one, and the depictions herein are as mangled and weird as any rendering Polynesia on film.

But goddam! The “Tobanga”, tree zombie, resurrected for revenge. Made by Paul Blaisdell, he might not exactly get around all that easily, but he can carry a swooning beauty with any monster from the 1950’s. Add that together with the pretty awesome poster and the title, From Hell It Came, and you’ve got a pretty compelling potash no matter what actually happens in the movie.

Me, I love this kind of stuff. So much so, I don’t really know exactly how to rate it.

It features a slew of really funny lines, whose intentionality ranges broadly. The monster tree has a heartbeat (apparently exterior) that looks quite like a swollen sphincter as much like a knurl. Wonderful crackpot pseudoscience too.

Sublime junk.

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