Killer Party (1986)

Killer Party (1986) movie poster

director William Fruet
viewed: 06/21/2017

Killer Party is a mess, a meta-horror-comedy not committed enough to one direction to succeed fully in any, and yet, I found it kind of fun.

It’s not so much the sum of its parts, nor mostly any one part in particular, save one. And that one, for me, anyways, is Sherry Willis-Burch as Vivia. Willis-Burch has only one other screen credit, a 1981 slasher, Final Exam, but she brings a level of wit to Vivia, carrying off some of the better lines. She’s a bit like a far less polished Kate McKinnon, in looks and character.

The plot, a prank-filled hazing April Fool’s party in a haunted derelict mansion, is almost besides the point. While it’s easy to see why others shrug this film off, I found it amusing.

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