Beast of Blood (1970)

Beast of Blood (1970) movie poster

director  Eddie Romero
viewed: 06/22/2017

If I could live in a world of wall-to-wall Filipino horror trash cinema, I would. And in that world, Beast of Blood would be one of the lesser regions, not as fully appreciated as Brides of Blood or its actual predecessor, Mad Doctor of Blood Island.

Following on the heels of Mad Doctor, it’s the further adventures of said doctor and his chlorophyll blood beast, though the monster spends most of the film with his head on one table and his body on another, not able to do a lot of damage while all the action takes place.

The one real added perk here is (I think) Liza Belmonte as Laida, who first appears on screen shoving a camera out of her face and confronting the blonde lead for taking photos without permission. She also is quite deft with a knife and gets quite a good amount of ass-kicking. A little proto-feminism never hurts.

Still, not enough to elevate Beast of Blood to its other Filipino horror trash brethren.

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