Bad Girls Do Cry (1965)

Bad Girls Do Cry (1965) movie poster

director Sid Melton
viewed: 06/28/2017

Bad Girls Do Cry is a 1954 exploitation film by Sid Melton that didn’t manage to find the light of day until 1965. Who knows what any suckers who paid good money to see some mid-Sixties sleaze felt about this dated and tame tale of a girl in Hollywood dragged into White Slavery.

Whatever they thought, it’s better to consider the time of the film’s creation rather than release in watching and understanding this flick. Misty Ayers strips down to her very 1950’s underthings, does get raped, drugged and thrown into prostitution, but it doesn’t match the sleaze of a decade later (or the nudity).

I find Exploitation films fascinating in a way, but it must be said that the bulk of them (and the bulk of the bulk of their actual celluloid images) are quite the slog to get through, with few moments of great weirdness and offense.

I will cite here though, which features a good write-up of the picture: “But what makes Sid Melton’s movie a real mind-melter is that it’s all punctuated with shtick. Yup, this potentially grim story of a blonde bombshell forced into prostitution is continuously intercut – and undercut – by bizarre comic interludes that only succeed in giving it all a strange surrealistic edge.”

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